What is Construction Line?

Constructionline is a platform that connects suppliers and buyers within the construction industry. It was established to simplify procurement and provide a more efficient way for construction companies to find and manage their supply chain. By becoming a member of Constructionline, suppliers can showcase their capabilities and prequalify for relevant contracts, while buyers can quickly identify and engage with qualified suppliers for their projects.

There are several reasons why construction companies may choose to use Constructionline. Firstly, it can help to streamline the procurement process, saving time and resources. Constructionline also provides a central database of prequalified suppliers, which can help to reduce the risk of working with unreliable or unqualified companies. In addition, Constructionline offers a range of support services, such as training and advice, to help suppliers and buyers navigate the procurement process more effectively.

Overall, Constructionline can be a valuable resource for construction companies looking to improve their procurement processes, reduce risk, and find reliable suppliers.

What level of Constructionline Accreditaion does Thompson Tree Services hold?

Thompson Tree Services are Constructionline Gold members, this is a level of accreditation that demonstrates a company's commitment to meeting industry and government standards. To achieve the Gold membership, a company must undergo a more rigorous assessment process than for the standard membership levels, demonstrating a higher level of competency, capability, and compliance in areas such as health and safety, environmental management, quality management, and financial stability.

Some of the benefits of achieving the Constructionline Gold membership include:

Increased visibility: Gold membership provides a higher level of visibility to potential clients and partners, demonstrating a company's commitment to excellence.

Improved access to tenders: Many public and private sector organisations require Gold membership as a prerequisite to bidding on tenders or being included in preferred supplier lists.

Reduced duplication: The Gold membership reduces the need for companies to provide the same information multiple times as the accreditation is recognised by multiple organizations.

Demonstrating compliance: The Gold membership demonstrates a company's compliance with industry standards and regulations, providing reassurance to clients and stakeholders.

Access to Constructionline's support services: Gold members receive access to additional support services such as training, advice, and events to help them improve their business practices.

Why are Thompson Tree Services a Constructionline Member?

We consider the Constuctionline Gold membership a recognition of the commitment and alliance we have with the construction industry. When thinking of construction, tree companies are not the first thing to come to mind. As a full-service arboricultural company, we can play a key partner role from the early stages of a construction project.

We consider ourselves a key partner as we can play a role from the very start of a project, this can include:


Overall, achieving the Constructionline Gold membership has been beneficial for Thompson Tree Services to help us demonstrate our commitment and capability to a key industry. We can easily demonstrate best practices, improved business processes, and it enables opportunities to partner with new companies.

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