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Pests & Diseases

There are a variety of pests and diseases that can impact the health of trees and vegetation, some of these can also pose a threat to human health and safety.

It is essential that you seek professional advice to deal with pests and diseases, as trying to do this yourself could result in making it harder to remove or have a negative impact on your health.

Types of Pests & Diseases
Our experienced arboricultural team have knowledge of and have worked with a wide range of pests and diseases and will be happy to discuss any potential problems you are experiencing.

We have created a specialised skillset and machinery to handle two threats in particular:

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Oak Processionary Moth (OPM)

The Oak Processionary Moth is a notorious pest that primarily targets oak trees. OPM has gradually spread to areas of the UK from mainland Europe and is causing significant concerns for the health of oak trees. If left uncontrolled it would spread across much of Europe.

Read more about OPM and our control services on the Oak Processionary Moth page.

Ash Dieback

Ash Dieback causes a range of symptoms from foliar leaf spots to branch dieback and the death of ash trees. Once infected, most trees will die. A few ash trees may survive the infection because of genetic factors which give them tolerance to the disease. Trees should only therefore be felled where they pose a safety risk.

Trees infected with Ash Dieback can be dangerous and technically challenging to deal with. The disease can render trees unstable and prone to failure of branches and whole trees. Predicting how a particular tree will behave is impossible. It is usually not possible to employ standard climbing and dismantling techniques due to the danger posed to the arborist.

Read more about Ash Dieback and our approach to identifying and handling diseased trees on our Ash Dieback page.

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