Working in the Derbyshire snow to make trees safe

Our teams have been deployed to various locations today to respond to trees that have become unsafe or fallen due to the snowy conditions. A large team have been working this morning at Via Gellia on behalf of Derbyshire County Council. There were numerous large branches that had fallen and some trees that had failed. This caused the road to become blocked and therefore needed to be sorted quickly. As well as these there were trees with potential issues that needed to be made safe before failure.

What impact can snow have on trees?

Snow fall can cause;

  • Weight: Snow can add a significant amount of weight to a tree's branches, and if the weight becomes too much for the branches to bear, they can break and fall. The weight of the snow can also cause the trunk of the tree to snap.
  • Ice build-up: In addition to the weight of the snow, freezing temperatures can cause ice to also accumulate on the branches, adding additional weight and causing the branches to break.
  • Wind: Snow can make trees more vulnerable to wind damage. The additional weight and pressure on the branches can make them more likely to snap in high winds, or cause trees to fall.

Trees are strong and grow and adapt to the weights and forces they are subject to, but heavy snowfall or other environmental factors can exceed their limits and cause them to break or fall. Local councils and highways departments work to maintain healthy trees by pruning them regularly and removing dead or damaged branches, which can help reduce the risk of falling.

Trees adjacent roadsides and walkways are being impacted by the current conditions, so please take care and be vigilant.

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