Tree Consultant

October 24, 2022

A Tree Consultant can be referred to under different names such as Arboricultural Surveyor or Tree Surveyor and is someone who is qualified and has the ability to assess trees in terms of their location and health. This surveyor will then create a report which will be sent to the client giving them an overview of the tree or trees in question as well as details such as the species, the health and condition of the tree and options of what can be done about the tree.

What does a tree consultant do?

The job of a Tree Consultant is essentially to give you a report of the condition, location and health of either a single tree or multiple trees. The surveys that they produce are required for a number of reasons with the most common reason being for people wanting to build on an area where there are trees nearby or on the building plot itself, as with most trees, it's not only the branches overhanging properties/sites but also the health of the tree and any risks of it having a disease that could warrant it dieing and becoming unsafe (with the potential for it to fall) as well as the most common issues being related to the roots causing issues with existing buildings foundations as well as for those wanting to dig foundations in areas where there are roots.

The key things a surveyor will report on:

  • Species of tree
  • Location of the tree
  • Measurements including the tree diameter and height of the tree
  • Condition of the tree i.e it's health
  • An approximation of the trees age
  • Action recommended, this could be removal, preventative measures, no action needed etc.

Tree surveys like this are most often seen when it comes to gaining planning permission for building, where by trees are nearby, this is especially important when the trees are protected. They can also be required by mortgage companies when it comes to getting a mortgage on a house if there are trees nearby, this is in order for the mortgage company to protect the asset (the house) they will be lending money on.

What information do tree reports contain?

When an arboricultural survey is completed, you'll get a report which identifies each individual tree (or these may be grouped together), they are given a unique reference number so they can be identified. You'll also find that it includes the species type as well as dimensions of the tree. Location plotting is also given so you can see the exact measurements between trees and other items within the survey. One of the key things within the survey though is the health/condition of the trees, this can greatly affect the clients decisions and therefore is required within the survey.

How much does a tree consultant charge?

When it comes to arboricultural survey costs it will vary depending on the size of the plot that needs to be surveyed, the number of trees, how long it will take them to do it as well as a number of different factors, therefore it's important to have a chat with your tree consultant in order to give them the information they will need to give you an accurate quote.

Here at Thompsons Tree Services are tree surveys start from just £250.

How long does an  arboricultural survey take?

Again this will vary depending on how many trees your survey includes, but our process ensures efficiency from the start to the final report. It's important that you don't simply go with a company who offers a super fast turnaround as they may not be doing a complete job. Make sure that you go with a trusted company who comply to industry standards, this will not only save you any issues down the line but gives you peace of mind that you've got a full and informed picture of the trees and site.

Here at Thompson Tree Services we can offer you comprehensive arboricultural survey and advisory service.

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