Why the Jekko JF545 V-MAX?

In 2022 we planned to make an investment in an item of equipment that would increase our existing capabilities in the field of mechanised arboriculture. With the increasing range of options available at the time, we had a careful decision to make. The Jekko JF545 V-Max articulated crawler crane was a fairly new contender in that market but it instantly impressed us.

Unlike some of the alternatives, the Jekko is a very versatile machine. The hi flow hydraulics to the end of the boom enable the GMT035 grapple saw to be attached and used at a reach of 30m, ideal for safe dismantling of trees that would otherwise require a large MEWP or standard climbing techniques. Without the grapple saw, the Jekko is a very capable articulated crawler crane with impressive lifting capacities for a wide range of applications. Attachment of the MEWP basket converts it to a 30m MEWP.

How does the Jekko get into difficult access areas?

All of the above options are enhanced by the capabilities of the track base. The tracks make it easy for the unit to cross difficult terrain, and a base unit of only 1.84m wide means that the JF545 V-MAX can pass through narrow gaps and reach spots inaccessible to previous generations of tracked cranes. The load distribution of the base minimises the impact on any sensitive environments, while four outriggers can be positioned utilising an advanced Stability Control Indicator (SCI) to ensure full balance and completely stable operation on all kinds of difficult terrain.

Is using a crane in tree work safe?

In order to maintain full compliance with legislation, best practice and industry guidance, we have trained our operators to recognised standards and have an internal CPCS Appointed Person. We fully comply with the Arboricultural Association Technical Guide 4 - Use of Mobile Cranes in Tree Work and the FISA Safety Guide 608 Tree Shear & Grapple Saw. All lifting operations are properly planned and fully documented.

What kind of work do you use the Jekko for?

In January our Jekko J545 V-Max went down to West Sussex to assist with the dismantling of a large ash tree infected with ash dieback. The location of the tree meant that use of a lorry or telehandler mounted solution was not a viable option. The superb versatility of the Jekko with its compact size, low ground pressure track base, outstanding reach and impressive lifting capacity made it the ideal tool for the job.


The use of the correct machinery is crucial no matter what the job is but along side this you need to factor in the skill set and experience of the company. Our full contract lift service with the Jekko J545 V-Max enables the safe removal of challenging trees even in areas of difficult access. This machine is at the forefront of mechanised arboriculture.

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