Hiring Tree Surgeons for Site Clearance: Points to Consider

When instructing an arboricultural company like Thompson Tree Services to complete a site clearance before construction can start, a site manager or QS must take numerous factors into account. Among the important factors are:

The extent of the task: The first factor to take into account is the extent of the work that has to be done. This pertains to the size of the area, the variety and quantity of trees that must be cut down, as well as any additional vegetation that needs to be cleared.  Often site clearance can mean much more than simply cutting down the trees and vegetation.

Safety: On any construction site, safety comes first. The arboricultural company must adhere to all applicable health and safety requirements and have the tools and knowledge required to complete the operation in a safe manner. Often there may be pipework, sewers, gas or electrical conduits on site, all of which could be affected by the works.

Expertise and credentials: It's crucial to pick a tree company with experience and credentials in site clearance work. This guarantees they have the skills and knowledge needed to complete the assignment quickly and successfully. Paperwork checks on certification, qualification and insurance are necessary to ensure against any potential legal issues should problems arise.

We have numerous accreditations that demonstrate our ability to deliver on all these including Constructionline Gold.

Accreditations held by Thompson Tree Services
Thompson Tree Services are Highly Accredited

Thompson Tree Services are fully qualified to help across all aspects of tree and vegetation management within construction.

Environmental factors: Site clearing can significantly affect the neighbourhood's environment. It's crucial to take into account how the job will affect the environment and to confirm that the tree service is doing all possible to lessen this impact.  There are tree stumps and roots to be considered, and the impact of disturbing the soil, relocating any endangered species or recreating certain habitats for flora and fauna.

Thompson tree services carried out a site clearance in Sheffield. The brief was to clear all trees, vegetation and shrubs from an industrial site to allow development into a small retail complex. This included clearance along a fence line as well as the riverside. We used our kit including the remote controlled Green Climber to clear the site and leave it ready for construction work to begin.

Cost: While planning a building project, the cost is always a factor. It's crucial to get quotes from multiple arboricultural businesses and pick one that offers reasonable rates without sacrificing quality.

What we offer

Thompson Tree Services offer a comprehensive service. We scope the work and provide a quotation for the work involved. The work is planned utilising our skilled team alongside our specialist site clearance kit. We can provide all certifications and evidence of checks required to satisfy site regulations.

Our methods help keep the work efficient in order to assist in the timeline of the overall construction work.

What next?

If your business is considering a site clearance.  Get in touch with Thompson Tree Services today for a quote. Our expert arborists and tree consultants will guide you through the process step by step.   For further reading take a look at our construction and development page:

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