Brains as well as Brawn

February 27, 2023

What is Arboriculture?

Arboriculture is the cultivation, management and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines and woody perennials.

‍Like many arboricultural companies, Thompson Tree Services was founded out of the owner's passion for trees and love of the physical work involved with tree care and maintenance. From day one, the business has consistently grown and developed by delivering high-quality, professional tree and vegetation management services. But it's not just muscles and strength that are needed to help the company meet customers’ needs, we also need the ability to continuously learn new things in the science of arboriculture, research new ideas and concepts and keep abreast of industry developments at all times.

What does Thompson Consultancy do?

Thompson Consultancy has grown and developed alongside Thompson Tree Services and provides a full and comprehensive range of services relating to the management of trees in the built environment. From tree safety surveys to reports on trees in relation to construction and from planting plans to veteran tree surveys, we can provide advice to satisfy all enquiries. Recent investments in decay detection equipment have enabled us to provide even more informed recommendations about the management of the trees that we are asked to assess.


Decay Detection - What is a PiCUS Sonic Tomograph?

The PiCUS® SonicTomograph detects decay and cavities in standing trees non-invasively by tracking the speed of sound waves in the trunk, roots, and larger branches. The velocity of sound is slower in wood affected by decay. These readings are used to create a visual map of the inside of the tree, using different colours to represent the speed of the sound waves. This visual enables us to identify areas of decay or other issues that we could not see from the outside of the tree.


Overall the PiCUS Sonic Tomograph is a powerful tool for assessing the tree's condition and therefore making informed decisions about the care for the tree.


What is an IML-RESI PowerDrill?

The IML-RESIPowerDrill® measures the drilling resistance and feed force of wood. With a fine drilling needle, the measuring device penetrates the wood in a minimally invasive way and records both the drilling resistance and the feed force in relation to the penetration depth. When the bit enters a void or decay, the drill will lose resistance, and this is seen as a flat or decreasing line on the graph it produces.

The IML-RESI PowerDrill is another tool our team use to assess the tree's condition and assist in making decisions about the tree condition.


What qualifications and experience does Thompson Consultancy have?

Our senior consultant, Mike has over 14 years of experience in the industry working both as a highly skilled arborist, local authority tree officer and consultant. The company put Mike through his Level 6 Qualification in Arboriculture which remains the premier qualification in arboriculture. He is continually developing his skills and knowledge in his professional field and is a genuine asset to the company, enabling us to provide a complete range of tree advice and management to all of our customers.

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So now that you know a little more about what we do and some of the tools we use, feel free to contact our office to enquire about hiring our expert Tree care for your forestry needs. .

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