Client: Local Land Owner

When: June 2021

Ash Die back is a devasting disease that affects ash trees and can have a significant impact on the health and longevity of ash trees. Over recent years this disease has spread rapidly throughout the UK and as we predicted and planned for approximately 18 months ago, ash dieback projects now make up a significant part of our work schedules. Many landowners are now facing the challenge of managing the impact of ash dieback in their tree stocks.

We were approached by a local land owner who wanted to manage their ash trees which were showing signs of ash dieback. This project started with carrying out tree safety surveys. From the tree surveys we made recommendations for removal based on condition and level of risk.  This was to ensure that no trees would be removed unnecesarily.

Some of the work was roadside and therefore required traffic management to be in place in order to provide a safe working area. We meticulously planned the work with the mix of highly skilled arborists and the specialist equipment. This method ensured completion of the project quickly and efficiently which limited the disruption to the travelling public.

Post clearance we were able to carry out the replanting on the land in order to start re-establishing a healthy and sustainable tree stock.  The replanting is often an overlooked part of a clearance project but is a vital element in order to maintain a healthy environment for the future.

In conclusion, the ash dieback project for the local landowner was a significant challenge, but it was managed successfully through the use of tree surveys and tree removal. By working with a team of experienced arborists and carrying out the removal of affected trees in a responsible and sustainable way, the landowner was able to manage the impact of ash dieback on their land and create a safer and more sustainable environment for all.

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