The Jekko JF545 V-MAX

In the world of lifting and construction, efficiency and versatility are paramount. To meet these requirements we have the Jekko JF545 V-MAX Articulated Crawler Crane. This cutting-edge machine provides an array of benefits that set it apart from other cranes. In this blog, we will delve into the exceptional features of the Jekko JF545 V-MAX and highlight the differences that make it the ideal choice for numerous construction projects, lifting jobs, and many more.. 

Enhanced Versatility

The Jekko JF545 V-MAX shines in its ability to adapt to diverse worksites. Its articulated boom design and tracked base allow for outstanding manoeuvrability, enabling operators to navigate confined spaces with ease. This versatility proves invaluable when working in urban areas or tight construction sites where access can be challenging. With a compact footprint and impressive boom length, the JF545 can achieve the most optimal lifting positions, saving time and effort. This makes the crane an excellent choice for complex tree projects and construction plant hire.

Impressive Lifting Capacity For A Small Crane

The Jekko JF545 V-MAX has impressive duties. With a maximum lifting capacity of 15.5 tonnes and 450kg at 30m this crane is built to tackle a variety of lifting tasks. It can effortlessly handle a wide range of loads, from concrete panels and steel beams to machinery and equipment. The combination of its robust structure and advanced hydraulic system ensures that the JF545 delivers exceptional performance, providing stability and control during lifts.

The JF545 V-MAX has Reach and Height

Another standout feature of the Jekko JF545 V-MAX is its exceptional reach and height capabilities. The telescopic boom extends up to 30 meters, granting access to areas that would otherwise be hard to reach. This versatility enables operators to carry out tasks efficiently, eliminating the need for additional equipment or complex setup procedures. Additionally, the crane's ability to articulate allows it to reach over obstacles, making it ideal for projects with challenging terrain or limited overhead clearance.

Compact and Transportable

Transportation logistics are a critical consideration in the construction industry. The Jekko JF545 V-MAX addresses this concern with its compact design, making it easily transportable between job sites. The crane's crawler tracks provide excellent stability and allow it to traverse various terrains without damaging surfaces.

Advanced Safety Features

Safety is a top priority in any lifting operation. The Jekko JF545 V-MAX is equipped with advanced safety features that protect both operators and the surrounding environment. The crane includes a load indicator system that prevents overloading, ensuring optimal load management. It also has an advanced Stability Control Indicator (SCI) and a control system that provides real-time data and alerts, enhancing situational awareness and reducing the risk of accidents.


The unique advantage of JF545 V-MAX is a jib fitting a range of tools whose operation requires elevated quantity and pressure of oil such as an auger, a grapple saw or a clamshell bucket.

Hire this versatile Crawler Crane

The Jekko JF545 V-MAX Articulated Crawler Crane is a valuable resource for the construction industry. With its versatility, lifting capacity, reach, and height capabilities, it surpasses the competition and offers a multitude of advantages. This exceptional machine allows operators to navigate challenging worksites with ease, perform lifting tasks efficiently, and ensure maximum safety. For specialist plant and operator hire companies, the Jekko JF545 V-MAX is a valuable asset that enhances productivity, saves time and money, and ultimately delivers outstanding results.

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